Energy Savings Calculator
Return on Investment

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Click on your existing fixture type below to calculate your return on investment when switching to a JAFtech fixture.

400W-1000W High-Bay250W High-Bay8' T12 Fixtures 2 Lamp8' T12 Fixtures 4 Lamp1' x 4' Surface / Recessed2' x 4' Surface / Recessed
2' x 2' TBar 2 U Lamps2' x 2CFL Alternatives to Incandescent Fixtures8' T12 Fixtures 2 Lamp8' T12 Fixtures 4 LampT8/T5 replacements for LED

The data on fixtures to be replaced or retrofitted shown in this calculator are based upon averages and may vary depending on the manufacturer and fixture and model. Fixture lumens and efficiencies are based on accepted industry standards. If specific fixture data on existing fixtures is known simply replace the generic information provided.