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JAFtech lighting layout design is done custom to your measurements within 24 hours of receipt for free! Using only the best quality lighting design software, and our team of highly tranied and experienced staff we can help you and your customer discover the results they need to prepare any project.

How can a lighting layout design help you?

  1. Provides the number of fixtures required for a space and desired FC/lux level
  2. Provides picture, part number and specifications on proposed fixture
  3. Provides solution to light-blocking obstacles such as racking or machinery
  4. Useful for planning, executing or selling any lighting job
  5. No cost! So the ROI is second to none
  1. Comes with scale drawing and 3D image
  2. Considers light loss factor to give you accurate long-term results
  3. Provides minimum, maximum and average footcandles or lux
  4. Can produce multiple layouts for one building in order to see results using different fixtures, mounting heights, spacing, etc.
  5. Part of a great package for your customer or end user



"We are proud to provide custom lighting designs your way with the best quality lighting design software and team."

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Sample Lighting Layout

Tip:Send us your building drawing for better results!
DWG Layout Form


Step one: Send in one of three lighting layout templates filled out which are found here or email/fax lighting layout template(complete)

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Lighting Layout Specification Template - April 2011

Step two: Receive your comprehensive lighting layout via fax/email from our team. If you are happy with the results a quote can be generated.

Step Three: Order and install your fixtures for you/your customer to enjoy!




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Lighting Layout Specification Template - April 2011

How To Request a Lighting Layout

Requests can be made by E-mail or direct from our website here. In order to acheive accurate, realistic results, the form to the left must be filled out and returned to JAFtech along with any special notes or requirements. Our dedicated team will respond and send your layout within 24 hours of receipt(mon-friday). Large, specialty layouts may have longer lead times. Please feel free to inquire as to when you should expect the layout completed.

We Can Visit The Site With You!

Measurements, existing footcandle or lux levels and other requirements of the request form may require a site visit. In this case, we understand the value of your time and would like to help attain this information as easily as possible.

Please contact us for more information as it is our pleasure to help.



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