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Types of certification available on JAFtech products and services

All JAFtech products are certified for sale in Canada and USA. Certification is important because it requires that products are safe during manufacturing, installation, maintenance and regulat use. Without certification products can be both dangerous and of low quality. We carry a number of diffrent certifications for manufacturing safe, high performing, and energy efficient lighting products for creating bright solutions.

Each product carries the certification of listing from cULus, or Energy Star. Please see below for each of the certifications names, requirements logo and documents.  


Certified grunge stamp — Stock Photo

Resources & Additional Info

Electrical Safety Code

If you would like to learn more about certification requirements, or the Electrical Safety Code, please visit;






Click for UL website

cULus, Underwriters' Laboratory

Select JAFtech fixtures and converison kits have been tested and certifies by UL which is also a measure to ensure the safety of the product and their users. Regular visits from our UL representative happen throughout the year and support out continued compliance to provide a quality, safe product at all times. This certification provides peace of mind for all those pruchasing, installing or using our products both in Canada and the USA. Also, without certification, fixtures and conversion kits would require on-site certification which would be costly to the contractor and end user. Click here to view our cULus Certification documents. 



Click for Energy Star website

Energy Star 

Select JAFtech fixtures have been tested and certified by Energy Star which is an organization that labels products that exhibit both high performance and low energy demand. This certication includes JAFtech product manufactured in Canada and the USA. Fixtures with this label are great for any application in which the customer seeks to save energy without compromising the product performance. Click here to view our Energy Star Certification documents. 



Questions, Comments and Requests


We welcome customer questions baded on certifications and can provide any required documentation upon request. 

If a custom fixture or conversion kit is required for an application JAFtech will entertain the possibility of engineering and manufacturing it for you. With custom products we will require certification. Click contact us for more details.


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