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About Us

Who We Are...Past,Present, and Future

For over 20 years, JAFtech has prided itself on its ability to design and manufacture quality custom energy efficient lighting solutions that work for our customers. JAFtech's beginning in the early 90's grew from a newly patented lighting retrofit method we developed for converting fluorescent fixtures to utilize energy saving technology. We have grown into a leader in the energy savings lighting industry. We offer not only a comprehensive line of fluorescent lighting fixtures, but also over 1000 lighting custom conversion kits and a new line of LED fixtures. Our ability to give our customer exactly what they need has allowed JAFtech to become an important partner in thousands of energy saving projects throughout North America.


What We Stand For

JAFtech Core Values

Integrity - We do what we say we will do

Service - We assist our customers in every way possible

Quality - We maintain the highest standards of North American quality -- in both our products and service


Products We Manufacture 

Here at JAFtech we manufactrue and assemble fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures and conversion kits. We have a great line up of high bay, strip, industrial, wrap and recessed commodity fixture ready for sale as well as the capability to customize fixture by customer request. Out products are made to last using great quality North American components and recognized technology from GE, Advance, Osram and Universal brands.

Our fixture and conversion kit products have been designed all of our products to be ready and easy to install/maintain. See just how simple they are to install by clicking here and viewing our Installation Videos page.


What Makes Us Different 

We are not like other lighting manufacturers! What sets us apart? Here's a list, to name a few;

free vector Check Mark clip art All Products have been designed by our own Fred Simpson, VP

free vector Check Mark clip art Fixtures and kits are made using North American sourced components

free vector Check Mark clip art Products are Fabricated in Canada and the USA

free vector Check Mark clip art Fixtures and kits are assembled in Canada for Canadian customers

free vector Check Mark clip art Fixtures and kits are assembled in the US for US customers

free vector Check Mark clip art High quality technology brand ballast, lamps and sensors such as GE, Advance and Osram

free vector Check Mark clip art We offer the whole Package: ROI calculation, site visit, lighting layout and quotes (free)


“Creating bright solutions”

Our owners Fred and Al Simpson at our Faciility Lobby



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